You had One Job: Apply for Job Permission

January 6, 2018

Hey Everybody!

Last term one morning I had made it my mission to secure my job permission at the Tokyo Immigration Bureau that will allow me to work in Japan with my student visa. All I had to do was wake up early, head over, fill out a form, hand it in and, hey presto! I could check it off my to-do list.

Yeah… it didn’t quite go as planned. In fact, I rank that morning up there with my worst out of all my failing-at-life moments, xD.

But… it started off well, it really did. I was feeling hopeful that I’d accomplish my goal. I even woke up super early (6 am, LOL), to pack my school bag and so I could get to the bureau right when they opened. I also had my route pre-planned and had taken screenshots just in case my internet decided to commit suicide.

See, I thought of everything.

I was feeling all organised as I left home for the train station… until I remembered I left my passport in my room. I had to quickly run back and grab it, and that detour would make me miss the train I was aiming for.

I convinced myself that it wasn’t a bad omen, that everything was going FINE.

The fact that I even remembered I forgot my passport I thought was a good sign… right?

It certainly seemed that way when I actually made it to the bureau without a hitch. I even got there more or less on time!

However, when it came time to fill out the application for job permission, which required both my passport and residence card information, I quickly realised that I didn’t have my wallet on me. My wallet which had my residence card in it… which may have or may not have been at home… more than one and a half hours away.

I think I checked and re-checked my things so many times that, by Einstein’s definition, I was verging on insanity.

But wait. It’s okay, it’s fine… I have a scanned copy of my residence card on my phone, that’ll do, right? Heh, he, right?


I handed my finished form to a staff member who was checking over applications. I think I perhaps lasted a good thirty seconds before I was dismissed. Turns out scans don’t cut it, and they need a real physical copy. #solastcentury


Not gonna lie, I was feeling a bit defeated. But, I resigned myself to round two the following morning, with everything I needed. So, I just ended up heading back home after that, wanting to pick up my wallet before going to school for a 1:30 pm start.

Out of the three trains I needed to take to get back, the money on my travel pass managed one.

I was literally stuck in Shibuya train station with no money, and a backpack full of school supplies and an empty travel pass with absolutely no way to top it up.

To re-group… and try to salvage my productivity, I sat down in a corner (next to, I’d realise later, a homeless person, xD), and did my homework for an hour. Once I finished, I took a few deep breaths and was informed by Google Maps that it would be an hour and fifteen-minute walk home. Seeing no other option, I went on my way.

It was a typhoon that day. Literally.

Sometimes the wind literally pushed me to the side or would be so head-on that I had to transfer my weight forward and lean over. But in all, it was fine. Very windy, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I can’t say the same for my hair though…

When I finally was close, I calculated that I had exactly ten minutes to eat lunch, get my wallet and leave for school if I didn’t want to be late to class. So, I quickly scrambled eggs in a pan, and while they were cooking, went to get my wallet from my room.

I checked under my desk, in my purse, in my feaking pillowcase, but my wallet was nowhere to be seen! Did I lose it? By that point, I was too spent (and in a rush) to feel any of those reactive emotions of anger and panic. At the time, my only thought was how I was going to live off the $12 I found lying around for the two weeks it’d take to replace my cards.

Yeah, my morning really worked out sooooo great.

I left for school, though, anyway, because I wasn’t about to let this disaster wreck anything else, LOL. And, finally, with some breathing room to think about what could’ve happened, I then suddenly remembered that my wallet… was in the FRIDGE!

Yes, yes, the fridge.

I recalled how I when shopping for dinner the night before and put my wallet in one of my shopping bags that I subsequently put in the fridge overnight.

Ha! *facepalm x infinity*

But… at least, even though from 6 am – 1 pm I accomplished zero of what I wanted to, at least I didn’t lose my wallet, haha.

Until next time,








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