What my Doodles Say About Me

October 27, 2017

Hey Everybody!

So, my first term at the language school is over (fingers crossed I passed), and it seems I’ve collected quite the portfolio of doodles. Whether it is in my text book, notebook or work sheets, you can bet there’s some drawing in the corner. Now, I by no means identify as a doodler, those people’s notebooks are decked out with drawings that resemble actual things. I’m more… a scribbler? xD

Everyone, though, who has spotted one of my “doodles” thought it was great. They’d point it out and be like “wow”, even the teacher one time was like “what is this?”, haha. Maybe doodling is not a thing for them back home.

The Chinese girl I sit next, in particular, had a lot of exposure to my doodles. She always said how my doodles involved a lot of lines, as I, instead of colouring in my shapes, just shade them in by drawing many parallel lines.

One time she messaged me saying how this gave her inspiration for her own art (she’s an art student), and she sent me pictures of some drawings thanking me! *feels honoured*


Other than my line shading, though, I like to add to the picture examples already in the text book. Make them more personalised, ya know? xD. And, I’m not above adding a personal comment here and there. Whether it be a “WTF”, note-to-self, or a cultural observation, xD.


But, did you know that doodles apparently say something about you? Like hint, to your psychological state of mind in the moment. And doodling is apparently also “an outlet for frustrated artistic expression”. I hesitate to then decipher what these doodles meant to indicate about the “state of mind” I was expressing, xD.


I do have a few go-to-doodles, though, I’ve been drawing every since I was younger. My favourite is this angel-devil heart. I remember coming up with the idea in pre-school, believe it or not. I thought it was so unique! Like I was the first person to combine the angel heart and the devil heart into one, haha. Nevertheless, it’s still today almost like my symbol, my name in picture form.


I also do like clumping flowers and stars together for some reason. My doodles are so basic! I have started, though, playing around with a new kind of doodle. It’s quite involved if I do say so myself. I have to shade a graphite blob onto my page and then get my rubber and rub the blob into the shape I want. Which is usually a heart, haha. Then I add a heart border to make it all 3D and abstract, xD.


So, there you have it.

Until next time,


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