Naked and Afraid

January 5, 2018

Hey Everybody,

My whole life I’ve lived with my head in the clouds.

I think a lot and because of this, I’m not really present in reality. I just act out my habits, habits that usually have me end up in front of the fridge staring blankly at its contents, haha. Thus, I’ve earned the label of “vague” among my family and friends.

Since moving to my Tokyo share house, you bet I’ve had my fair share of mishaps and side-tracked moments. Particularly, concerning showering as this task requires me to lug down my toiletries, clothes and towel to the bathroom which leaves plenty room for error for a “vague” one like me. (Yeah, one bathroom for six people means the storage space gets used up quick…).

I’ve forgotten my towel before, or have only taken my face towel (not big enough to dry the whole body with). I’ve also forgotten my fresh clothes before, requiring me to wear my dirty set to my room so I can then change.

But never have I forgot more than one thing…

I don’t know what happened. I was texting my mum before going to shower, and perhaps because I did this in the middle of getting my bathroom stuff altogether, that I had my epic you-had-one-job shower failure.

At the time, I actually thought I was on a role! I mean, I was bringing my dirty clothes with me too so I could put them in the wash while I showered to save a trip. Turns out, though, along with my toiletry bucket, that’s all I brought.

I finished my shower and what did I find? Just a bucket with a hairbrush and toothpaste and things. No towel (not even a hand towel), or CLOTHES… nothing!

I was hardcore channelling this meme:


After checking if the bathroom handtowel was big enough to cover my body (it wasn’t… by FAR), I had to get creative. Unfortunately, that creativity involved me stopping my wash half-way and digging out a set of sopping wet clothes. I mean I couldn’t just walk to my room naked, guys lived in my house…

The clothes were freezing, though, and autumn in Japan is like winter in Australia. So, what did I do? I went back into the shower, turned on the hot water and put them on in there, of course, xD!

The result was… interesting. And as my reflection revealed, the wet clothes weren’t having the same visual effect that dry clothes have on the body… if you know what I mean.

I slid the door open, checking right and left for anyone. It was clear. I was feeling hopeful, though I saw the kitchen light to the left of me was on and the door ajar… But usually those in the kitchen stay in the kitchen.

“Hey!” I hear my Dutch housemate call from behind me as I’ve taken my first step towards the stairs on the right just outside the bathroom door.


My sneaky tip-toeing was replaced with a bouncing gate that had my fly up the stairs from the shock of discovery. I didn’t dare glance back and was awkwardly repeating, “Wait. Stop. No. Wait, wait…” as I went, #killmenow.

I got dried up and changed and went back down to find out how much of an embarrassment I made of myself…

“Sorry about that. You wouldn’t believe what I forgot,” I say to her as I stand in the kitchen doorway.

“What? Your wash?” She asked looking up from her phone.

Ha, that’s literally the one thing I remembered! “No, like freaking everything else”.

Turns out she didn’t see anything embarrassing *phew*. So, I finished my explanation of why I ran away from her, LMAO. She brushed it off and I quickly changed the subject to dinner. We ended up splurging and ordering Pizza for ourselves, something I’d been craving for, for months.

All’s well that ends well.

Until next time,





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