January Challenge: Speed Tinder Dating

January 11, 2018

Hey Everybody!

So, I’ve decided on my monthly challenge for this month, and it will involve, over the next few weeks of January, to have as many Tinder dates as possible, (Tinder is used in Japan like a legitimate dating app).

Why? Well, let me tell you about Alex, a prior housemate of mine.

He’s a super fun, gay, German man, and a self-identified slut. He’d tell me and this other housemate, a Dutch girl, stories about his Tinder ventures, ventures he began maybe a day or two after arriving in Japan, may I add.


This would happen in the kitchen as it would always be around the time we make dinner, or in my case, put bread in the toaster, xD.

Inevitably, his bad and good date retellings and eventually the story of how he met his now boyfriend (who is SUPER HOT BTW), inspired this girl and me to get Tinder as well! To “see what happens”, you know, xD.

Alex was a legend, probably excited with how he “tainted” us, and set up both of our accounts. He even chose the pictures we should use for our profiles (because he was an expert LOL), and gave the final “yes” to the bios we wrote, a process I may have taken WAY too seriously, haha.

Like the babies we were, he held our hand through our first free swipes, telling us what was what. It was a celebration! We were all getting, including Alex, super into it. It was channeling some serious slumber party vibes.


But that gave me an idea. After a week into it (he had said that it was addictive) and way-too-many-matches-for-me-to-handle later, I thought about what it would be like to channel Alex and go speed Tinder dating…

Immediately I was like, “Oh, I can’t do that, LOL,”. But then I asked myself “why”, and having found no good reason… I’m going to do it.

God help me.

So, yeah. You’ll be hearing more about that in the next few weeks, haha. You never know what could happen with these things, you know.

Until next time,


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