How to Twiddle Your… Pens?

October 27, 2017

Hey Everybody!

Due to the fact I attend an international language school, I’m in class with around twenty Chinese and Korean students for three hours five days a week. And… I’ve started to notice some of their special talents; quite a lot of them can seriously twiddle their pens.

We’d be in class and I’d notice them flicking their pen a full 360 degrees continuously over the back of their thumb while listening to the teacher. But, even when the teacher called on them, they wouldn’t miss a beat and continue to spin their pen like it was second-nature to them.

I was intrigued, I’d never seen that trick before, and like learning how to do the trill, I wanted to learn how to do it.

I asked my Chinese friend about this phenomenon after class. She said that, back home at school, everyone could do twiddle their pens, and more, but that she, unfortunately, she never took to it so she couldn’t do it. She pouted to herself at that, shaking her head jokingly in dismay. At least I’m not alone, xD.

To learn, I first observed other people spinning and tried to figure out how they propelled the pen with their fingers to spin it in the way they did. I practiced a few times in class. But, never. Again.

Pen’s were flying everywhere! I’d try spin it and it would either land on the desk of the person next to me or fall loudly (may I add), on the floor. I would then have to, or even sometimes my neighbour *cringes from embarrassment*, pick it up.

Yeah… this trick is something you have to practice at home.

To try to get an exemplary video for this post (that didn’t happen), I searched people “twiddling pens”. It turns out it’s called pen spinning (my bad). And, OMG, it’s an actual thing! You can get special customisable “pen” spinners, but it’s just a glorified stick in my opinion.


Like, you can’t even write with it, LOL.

As of now, though, I still can’t spin. I mean, I better! But, yeah. I’m not going to be showing off my skills in class anytime soon.

I just feel like I can’t call myself someone who grew up with writing, as I only got my first computer in Grade 10, if I can’t pull off any pen tricks! It’s like, what have I been doing in classes all this time?

I’ve wasted precious pen spinning practice, that’s what, xD.

But, to be fair, no one else, save that one guy (there’s always that one guy), did any pen spinning in class back home either.

Until next time,



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