First Day of Tea Party Club

November 4, 2017

Hey Everybody!

As it is the start of the new language school term, the school’s clubs are open for joining. Last term I applied to a lot, but didn’t end up going to any of their meetings… once. Don’t judge me! I wasn’t ready, Japan was still so new to me. But now I’ve settled down I wanted to join a club, so me and this friend decided to join the Tea Party Tea Ceremony Club. Why you ask? Well, it’s very Japanesey, annnnd based on last term’s dance club performance I don’t think I’m good enough to join that club, LOL.

I mentioned how I was planning to go to the orientation for this club in my previous post, well I’ve checked that off the to do list (already a personal best). I came 20 mins late. But that turned out to be fine, my only consequence being my friend comically shaking his head at me as he was kneeling on the tatami mats with four other students. They semi-circled the Japanese girl who was speaking, I soon joined them. The two boys faces’ looked in pain, the girls’ remained stoic. If you’ve ever kneeled for a long period of time you’d know how painful and uncomfortable it is. Respect to the teacher who sat like that the entire time without (visibly) batting an eyelash (internally she was probably batting hundreds, xD).

I myself, as she was explaining this and that, went through three different stages of pain in my legs as I was sitting down.  I don’t remember what the exact kinds were, but just know, there were multiple. She did say, though, that the kinds of bottoms you wear affect how much kneeling hurts, for example tight things like skinny jeans are a nono. Who knew?

But, I think I handled the pain pretty well, that is until it came time to stand up. Maybe it was because I sat too far back on my heels compared to everyone else, but trying to stand up after that, and have my crooked feet support my weight, oh my god, that was a MISSION.

Anyway, the inevitable weekly pain we’d have to suffer through all became worth it when the teacher took out two lolly bags and said to help ourselves as she prepared the tea, because we were having a practice tea… ceremony? No, that situation, with us sitting down, each with our own tea and wrappers of already eaten yummies, looked to me distinctly like a tea party to me, xD.

Best choice of club ever! I can’t believe out of all the clubs, I joined the one it’s mandatory to eat sweets. I’m very excited about the future prospect of this club for me ^^.

Hopefully I’ll discover more cool things. This club is supposed to be all cultural after all, 😉.

Until next time,



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