Confessions of a Hotmess

January 8, 2018

Hey Everybody!

I have a confession to make; I’m a hotmess. And by hotmess I don’t mean the romanticised “chaotic vibe and state of disarray that is undeniably attractive” kind of hotmess (got that from urban dictionary 😉). No. I mean the kind that actually fails at life bad sometimes.

Every time I try completing an errand, and I mean every time, SOMETHING goes wrong. And it could just be going shopping or trying to make it to an event or an appointment on my own. It’s like I still have this child in me who has not yet been taught how to “life” yet, but who is forced out into the world to do it anyway. A child who then as to subsequently “wing it”- a phrase, that over the years, I’ve come to embody, xD.

Here’s just a couple of occasions off the top of my head:

Once I went shopping for three very specific products, things that I carefully planned I should get that morning so I could be all productive with my day. I even wrote my shopping list out all pretty and tucked it neatly into my purse. I also planned to treat myself to hot chocolate for all my hard work! (I thought of everything).

Sometimes I wonder where this idealistic everything-is-going-to-work-out attitude comes from… considering my track record.

Out of those three shopping items, I could not find two AT ALL, and then my touch-pay sticky on my phone decided to die, and since I didn’t have my wallet on me, I literally couldn’t buy the other, third thing, anyway!

Oh and that hot chocolate definitely didn’t happen.

Seriously, I’d spent three hours scouring the shopping center, by that point. And if you think that’s the biggest waste of time and effort ever, to make matters worse, I couldn’t even afford my bus fare home! I had to call my Dad, who was at work, to pick me up.

Then there was this other time where I had to get to this other shopping center so I could ask the Apple techies what was up with my phone storage (I should probably just give up with shopping centers, xD).Just…wow.

Aside from the trip taking twice as long as it should have because I took way too many wrong turns than I care to mention, (didn’t have any internet to navigate either, but that’s another story, haha). Like, I accidentally drove the opposite direction on a highway and then, later, after I was lost AF because Siri couldn’t “re-route”, I was literally pulled over by a cop outside McDonald’s (where I tried to scavenge for from free wifi)! My driving must have looked nervous…

And that was all typical.

When I finally made it to the Apple store, I was very anti-climatically informed that there was absolutely no way I could increase my iPhone storage, that my storage plan was designed for people who only wanted to text and call (WTF!? Do these people even exist anymore?), and that I’d essentially have to get a new phone, that’s if I wanted more than four apps…


And did I get a new phone? Yes. Oh, yes I did; A Samsung… *smiles passive-aggressively*.

Being in Japan, though, hasn’t curbed my hotmess tendencies. In fact, I think it has, not helped by the fact I essentially live alone now (and you know poo hits the fan when I’m “alone”), amplified them.

There is something about me being alone that is just a recipe for disaster, LOL. But these are all Storytime’s to be detailed in other posts^^.

Until next time,


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